The Book of the Crow - Synopsis

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This quartet of science fiction/fantasy novels are especially important to me; first because of the characters, and secondly because it was the first time I had really let rip and created a whole new world and everything in it. The books are, The Relic Master, The Interrex, Flain’s Coronet, The Margrave.

The Relic Master

Raffi is apprenticed to the Relic Master, Galen, whose task it is to keep safe the relics of a bygone age. But his powers are weakening and he and Raffi set off to meet the makers in the City of Crow to find out why. Will they survive? Or will the ever-present Watch eliminate them.



The Interrex

Having tapped into the Crow, Galen is charged with a force beyond anything he, or his apprentice Raffi, has ever known. So when he receives a message from the makers urging him to find the Interrex - the child of the last great Emperor - he knows the keepers are tantalisingly close to revolution.



Flain's Coronet

Galen has spent the winter in Sarres, building a power-base round the symbolic leadership of the Interrex. But as Relic Master, he knows that to face the mysterious Margrave he needs to seek out the Coronet of Flain to complete his powers. Also, Galen and Raffi rescue two men from execution by the Watch: a keeper and a sceptic. These new men severely test Galen's and Raffi's belief in the order's ultimate success. Meanwhile, Carys continues to struggle to leave the Watch and its way behind as she gradually accepts the help given to her by the Sekoi.

The Margrave

Raffi is scared about the Deep Journey, Carys has been captured and Galen is determined to destroy the dreaded Margrave, leader of the Watch. Galen's quest soon leads them into the Pit of Maar and face to face with the Malgrave and the evil world at the heart of the Watch.

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