Incarceron - Reviews

Amanda Craig, in The Times, writes:

One novel stands out above all others; Catherine Fisher's Incarceron (Hodder, £5.99/£5.69). This thrilling novel about people trying to escape from a living, sentient prison in which they are constantly spied-upon is a modern version of Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast, though given a better plot, people we care about and a prose style honed by decades of writing poetry.

Its imaginative scale and gob-smacking finale make it one of the best fantasy novels written for a long time. Long after it's finished your child will be asking questions about the nature of reality, trust and good Government as well as enjoying the heroic quest that only children's fiction now bothers to give readers.

'a deliciously dark and scary ride.'

Nicholas Tucker, The Independent

'... imaginative, rich in texture and vividly realised. Catherine Fisher writes with consummate skill and depth of feeling.'

The Bookseller

'A crisp, quick-moving narrative and fully fleshed out characters will keep readers hooked'

Publisher's Weekly

'... one of the most skilled and original writers currently working in young adult fantasy'

New Welsh Review


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