The Obsidian Mirror - Synopsis

Hodder Children's Books
ISBN 978-0-34-097008-9

Dial Penguin USA
ISBN 978-0-80-373969-7

I dream of the scarred man. He comes and stands at the foot of my bed, and he is half- angel, half- demon. He says "Don't try to use the mirror. The mirror will possess you. The mirror will devour your soul."
He is too late. I have already discovered that. My house is a fortress, locked and bolted and barred. But ghosts and phantoms flicker here, in polished surfaces, in glass and crystal.And someone is watching every move I make.


Jake Wilde's father has disappeared, while working with his friend, the reclusive and mysterious Oberon Venn, on a strange black mirror that Venn believes to be a time machine. Jake gets himself expelled from school and sent to Wintercombe Abbey, deep in the heart of Devon, to find out just what's going on.

Meanwhile a girl appears out of thin air pursued by a wolf of Ice and a Replicant from the future.. Sarah too ends up at Wintercombe, where Venn is desperate for the Mirror to restore his lost wife, Leah. Only she knows the terrible dangers the mirror will bring to the world's future. And in the Wood all around the house live the Shee, and their beautiful, deadly queen, Summer. Who has other plans for Venn....

A mix of fantasy and time travel, with seven identical cats, breathtaking escapes through the cellars and alleys of Victorian London, a mysterious scarred man, and a servant who might be a genie, The Obsidian Mirror is the first in a projected set of four books- The Chronoptika.