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The Hare and Other Stories

Pont Books ISBN 1-85902 176 X


This is a collection of four stories. The title story won a Welsh Arts Council competition and is a sly take on the Taliesin myth, set in Tintern. There’s also a story about two boys who share the same dream, until one of them gets lost in it. And a story about Sgilti Lightoot who has to climb an unclimbable wall into a tower that leaks darkness. Oh and a classic scary Victorian ghost story- big house, little girl, deep well..

The Ghost Box

Barrington Stoke ISBN 978-1-84299-987-5


I’ve always loved trees and ghost stories so this is a mix of the two. It’s a short novella for the specialist publisher Barrington Stoke, about a girl called Sarah who dreams of a tree that used to grow where her bedroom is now, and in her dream she climbs it and brings down a shiny silver box. When she wakes the box is next to her bed. It’s locked, and there’s something inside that rattles.
And there’s someone else in the house who wants the box opened.

Ghost stories are delicate things, all about atmosphere. I enjoyed writing this one.

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