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..Catherine Fisher's The Obsidian Mirror was one of the most engrossing fantasy thrillers of last year, so it's good news that volume two, The Box of Red Brocade, is out.. the action opens in 1941, with Jake mistakenly propelled into the height of the Blitz. Not only has the device sent him to the wrong time, but the mirror has been lost among the rubble, so he's stranded, with no way of getting back...And what is the significance of the Black Fox, the Man with the eyes of a Crow, and the Box of Red Brocade? This is a complex story that will be most rewarding to readers. The series is certain to elevate Fisher's status in the world of British fantasy- as will the forthcoming film of her earlier Incarceron..

Oh wow. I really thought this was a wonderful follow-up to The Obsidian Mirror. Fisher handles this with great aplomb. There are a great many plot threads and I love the way that Fisher challenges her readers in this way. The whole thing is a joyful puzzle combining complex storylines, great energy, and diverse characters. Every readers will have a favourite from the enormous cast..
  I love the genre-busting too. The Box of Red Brocade is essentially a time-slip adventure but it's also part fantasy and part sci-fi with even a flavour of dystopia hinted at in the descriptions of a future dominated by Janus. In this book you can read about faeries and changelings, modern day kids and mediaeval Italians afraid of the Black death. What more could the keen reader want?
 Everything about The Box of Red Brocade screams quality...
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.. a sumptuous genre-blend of time travel, dark fantasy and post-apocalyptic thriller..Gorgeous, atmospheric and addictive; absolutely necessary wherever the first has fans..

This captivating sequel to the inventive, genre-blending Obsidian Mirror manages to maintain and even amplify many of that novel's essential elements. A pleasing new adventure that ratchets up the intensity and fun... a challenging, fascinating series.

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