The Slanted Worlds - Synopsis

Hodder Children's Books
ISBN 9781444912630

Dial Penguin USA
ISBN 9780803793703

These were the secret ways of the Shee, their unseen paths through the world, barely glimpsed by mortals, except in certain potent intersections- a fairy-ring, a haunted room, a crossroads at twilight, notorious for generations as places of danger.
He was deep in the Otherworld, and at any moment the whole scene would reset as if someone had shaken the pieces of a kaleidoscope. It was a place of madness, and he knew every time he travelled in it, it contorted his very reason...


In the second volume of the Chronoptika Quartet, Jake sets off on a journey to recover his lost father but ends up 1940's London. In the rubble and chaos of the blitzed city a chance encounter leads him to a lost suitcase with a mysterious cannister of old film. Has David managed to leave a clue to his whereabouts? Before he can get to see it three sinister children each offer him a strange prophecy. And then he gets arrested as a wartime spy. Meanwhile back at Wintercombe, Oberon Venn realises that there is only one person who can help him get to Jake. And that's Summer. So Gideon is sent off on a mission through the bizarre slanted Summerland, a place where anything can happen and usually does. Sarah, on her secret quest to destroy the mirror, learns the true significance of the broken coin. Half is in Summer's possession, but to get it she too will have to enter the Shee-world. Without anyone knowing.

A talking bird, a walking Wood, an eccentric lady whose seances are not all fakes, the heat of plague-ravaged Florence and the dark threat of Janus's future; the second volume of the Chronptika is as packed with adventure and incident , magic and mystery as Volume 1. And then some!