The Glass Tower Trilogy - Synopsis

Red Fox Books ISBN 0-09-947298-4

The Glass Tower is a Trilogy that brings together three of Catherine Fisher's earliest Novels; The Conjuror's Game, Fintan's Tower, and The Candle Man.

The Conjuror's Game

A novel which was shortlisted for the 1990 Smarties Award. Alick wonders where Luke Ferris gets his healing powers, why he has six fingers and what his connections are with the sinister goings-on in Halcombe Great Wood. Unwittingly, Alick unleashes dark and terrifying forces on the world.

Fintan's Tower

Jamie and his sister Jen are drawn into a world of sorcery on a quest to rescue the prisoner from Fintan's Tower. The author also wrote "The Conjuror's Game", which was shortlisted for the Smarties Award.

The Candle Man

The story of Conor who lives in an isolated part of Wales, reclaimed long ago from the sea. When Conor meets a strange fiddler out on the levels, he is intrigued and is soon persuaded to help the man, Meurig, steal back a candle which, if allowed to burn away, will end Meurig's life.