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Is The Speed of Darkness available in hardback. I can't fin it anywhere and my grandson doesn't want paperback in his collection of your books.

You have hit a sore spot. Unfortunately in the US Dial pulled out of publishing Speed of Darkness because they felt sales were not strong enough. Of course with a four book set people take time to get around to the fourth book, but publishers are just interested in fast profit. I was annoyed because the set of books were beautiful, but readers like your grandson lose out and can't complete the set.

I'm afraid the only edition available is the UK paperback. Obviously, I hope he buys it...

Hello, I have been a fan of your books for many years now (Darkhenge is my favourite, I re-read it constantly). I am also an aspiring author. I have self-published 3 novels (currently working on my fourth) on Amazon in paperback & Kindle. I wish I could write full-time, but I fear I'm unsure how to do this. There's so much information on the web about how to go about this that it becomes overwhelming to say the least. So I was wondering, how did you break into the business? Did you have to send countless submissions to countless agents before your heard anything back? (side note; is it costly to pay for an agent, or does it work based off eventual sales from your books?) What is the general process when one is trying to make a career from writing fiction? P.S I am also a digital artist so I do all my own cover art for my books - how much input are you given for the design of the cover art, and is it rare/unheard of for the author to design their own artwork (when they're published through mainstream channels)?

I began a long time ago and things may be different now, and probably even harder. I worked at many jobs while writing, and only became a full time writer after about 3  were published.

I found an agent by sending a manuscript in and they liked it. It was the fourth or fifth novel I had written, and those had been submitted many times to many agents and publishers, so it took a few years. You do not pay an agent, they take a percentage out of what they make for you, so make sure you don't get ripped off, look for a genuine and usually old company, linked to professional unions.

An agent will only take you on if they think you have promise, so publishers look at agents' submissions more carefully.

If you're in the UK  the Artists and Writers Yearbook is the bible for this, it has everyone details and addresses and articles on submitting etc.

But the work is the important thing. Make that as good as you can and someone somewhere will find it..

Good luck.

From whose point of view does the writer tell the story? Give reason to support your answer.

This sounds like an exam question...!

I tell the story from the point of view of one or more characters, I suppose.

Hello, Catherine! I'm from Brazil and I just finished the oracle trilogy! Looking forward to meeting your other works. Well ... I have a small (completely unknown) blog where I make reviews. I'd like to make one about the trilogy and make it more interesting with a bit of perspective from the author (if you want, of course). 1) Only four of the Nine get special attention ... But did you come to think of each other's stories? 2) How does the Nine hierarchy works? Was it based on the nine Greek muses? 3) Many authors cut off part of the book to be published. Was there any important part you decided to delete? 4) A constant presence in the books are cats ... What's your favorite pet? :-D 5) I had some problems with Chryse ... I was naive about her changes for many times! After all, has Chryse really changed or is she only on the side of the winners? 6) Oblek is a musician. But it's really hard to imagine the sounds of musical notes when you're reading a book ... Did you think of a musician when you wrote about him? 7) Would you like to add a comment? You can answer only a few if you prefer (there are many, after all!). I used google translator, I hope it's not too bad ... hahahah Kisses from Brazil!!!

Hi Luisa. Thanks for all the questions- I will do my best. though sometimes even the author doesn't know the answers.

1 I didn't really think very much about the rest of the Nine. Mainly because all the attention needed to be on Mirany, and then to a lesser degree, on Rhetia and Chryse.

2 The idea of the Nine was based on a Welsh story of 9 priestesses who guard a magic cauldron. But maybe the 9 Muses were in the back of my mind too. It's hard to say where ideas start.

3 No big parts of the book were deleted. I tend to start at the beginning and work through to the end, then go back adding in sections. I only delete small things usually- words, repetitions, inconsistencies.

4 Cats are my favourite pets. I have two.

5 Chryse is on no one's side but her own. She comes out ok perhaps, but I wouldn't trust her at all. Nor does Mirany.

6 I agree that music is a hard thing to imagine. Oblek is a big, heavy man but I imagine his music as fine and delicate.

7 My only comment is that The Oracle set were such fun to write! I felt I had a lot of freedom to mix up Egyptian and Greek and indeed all sorts of different cultures, and to set it all in a hot desert land by the sea. Writing it was like being on holiday...

Hope these answers are useful and I'm delighted to be on a blog in Brazil!

I know this is such a trivial question, but do the Sekoi have tails? I can't remember if it was mentioned and it's bothering me. Thanks!

I can't remember either, so I suppose you can imagine them as you choose. They are cat-like of course, and furred, but they are also humanoid in form, so maybe not.

I usually don't go into too much detail in matters like this.. it's a minefield.

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