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Dear Catherine Fisher, I am in 8th grade at Pine-Richland school district in Pennsylvania, USA. I am currently writing a research project on you and would like to ask some questions.The questions are as followed: Do you have any siblings? Were you ever married and if so did you have any children? When you were a child what experiences made you want to be a author? Were there any authors that you looked up to? Did any of your experiences affect your writing? This is my first time writing to an author and hope you can respond. Thank you for your time.

Hi Zachery. I tried to reply to your email but it wouldn't let me.Here are my answers in short, I have one younger sister. No children and not married. Many experiences made me want to be a writer but mostly just working away at poems and stories. Authors that influenced me- Tolkien, RL Stevenson, Alan Garner, Patricia Highsmith, Ursula le Guin and poets like Yeats, lots of sf and myths and fairy tales and of course the greatest of them all, Will Shakespeare.

Lots of experiences affect my writing usually places I have been or things I've done. For instance I worked as an archaeologist for a while and that experience went into the novel Darkhenge.

I hope this helps. thanks for choosing me as your writer.


Ms Fisher Iam just trying to look up my ex-wife. You look like her from your picture. I sorry to bother you,but it's been 25 years and I still love her. My email his wffisher70 @ gmail. com I apologize for taking your time up. If you were born in Maryland it may be Catherine.

Apologies, but that's not me, I'm afraid.

Hello again Ms. Fisher! One of my favorite things about your books are the characters that you creat for them. They are always fascinating and so well developed and complex. I was wondering, do you have a favorite character out of those that you've created? If you couldn't pick one favorite overall, could you choose a favorite from some specific series, like a favorite in Obsidian Mirror, Relic Master, Incarceron, or the Oracle series? I'd love to know who some of your favorites are and if they are the same as any of mine. Also are there characters that you've created that you dislike, or are you fond of all your characters, even the villains?

Nice question... I tend to like all my characters, but yes, some get more interesting than others. So from Incarceron,  Jared has to be a favourite- he started quite small but grew to be maybe the most important person in it. I also like Keiro and Attia and the Warden, so yes, I like the villains too. I try to make the villains as complex and interesting as possible, so they are not just evil.

In the Oracle set, it's the Jackal, and also Oblek, who was fun. In Obsidian Mirror I had such fun with all of them, but maybe I would choose Venn, and Piers and Wharton, who was so out of his depth he was great to write. And Moll and Gideon. In Relic Master the Sekoi, because who wouldn't like a cat-like human, and also the dwarf Alberich.

Often the minor characters are the fun ones to write. But my favourite ever is Cal, in Corbenic, who I think is my strongest character and the most real (to me anyway)

Thanks for the question. Here's the lovely cover of the US Corbenic. and the dark and sinister UK version. Also the attractive Dutch version...

Ms. Fisher, this may be a very weird question, but, considering that they are aliens, do the Sekoi use the same nucleotides, codons, and amino acids as we do?

I'm afraid I have no idea!!

I am a bit confused. I read the Obsidian Mirror, but I don't know what books to complete this series. Which ones should I buy? I saw Box of Red Brocade, which calls it the Chronoptica, The Slanted World that is called the 2nd book of the Obsidian Mirror, the Door in the Moon which is called the 3rd book of the Mirror and the Speed of Darkness which is said to complete the series. Please tell me what I should read after the Obsidian Mirror to get the whole thing

Sorry about that! The confusion comes because the second book has two titles. It is called The Box of Red Brocade here in the UK, but in the US the publishers changed the title to The Slanted Worlds.

Both the books are exactly the same, except for the title and covers.

The 3rd book is Door in the Moon, and the fourth is The Speed of Darkness.

I hope you manage to get them and enjoy reading them all!

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