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I know this is such a trivial question, but do the Sekoi have tails? I can't remember if it was mentioned and it's bothering me. Thanks!

I can't remember either, so I suppose you can imagine them as you choose. They are cat-like of course, and furred, but they are also humanoid in form, so maybe not.

I usually don't go into too much detail in matters like this.. it's a minefield.

What has led you to become a Writer?

The simplest questions are always the hardest to answer. I like words, especially creating poetry and stories from them. I like books, and I suppose I wanted to be like authors I admired. Also, being rather anti-social, I enjoy a job where I am working alone and can do as I want.

What inspired you to write Incarceron? I read it for a school project and thoroughly enjoyed it. As another project, we are gathering information about the author, and i was just wondering.

It started with the Prison, and the idea of a sentient Prison that was so tiny the warden could hang it on his watchchain.. and just grew from there. Pranesi's etchings had a lot to do with the dark metallic feel of the place. The Incarceron pages on this site will give you more info if you need it. Glad you enjoyed the book.

Hey Catherine, How did you decide to become a writer? I want to learn what inspired you do take this road.

I can't remember when I knew that's what I wanted to do, because I always seem to have known. Certainly at about 7 or 8 I was writing poems and bits of story. They were praised by teachers, and probably that's when I got the idea I could do this, and just carried on. I studied English Lit at Uni and was already trying to publish things then.

I was certainly also inspired by writers I admired and wanted to be like. But in a sense it is an obsession rather than a normal career path..

Hi Catherine Fisher, I love your books a lot! I would have always wanted a third party that was just Keiro and Attia, because I think they make a very nice couple. I hope you send me something about whether Keiro finally asks Attia to promise or declare love to him, I would love to have something like that !!

Ah well, I'm not great on happy endings. And from what I know of Keiro, he's not the romantic sort. So, if there are further adventures, there may not be the ending you'd like... but I hope you'll read them anyway.

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