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Dear Catherine I greatly enjoyed Incarceron and Sapphique. I decided to read it on the advice of my 19 year old son(I am 55), who told me it was a story of initiation. I was enthralled with your presentation of the deep truths of the mysteries and the symbology and metaphor were beautiful. I don't really have a question, just wanted you to know, though your books are found in the "young adult" section, they have encouraged and instructed this aged fools journey. Thank You !

Many thanks! I always hope the books appeal to all readers, whatever their age. I don't really like the pigeonholes booksellers put them in. It means that people who might enjoy them don't even find them in the shops.

But it's great to know you enjoyed them, and thank you for the kind comments.

What made you become an author and what made you think of Incarceron ?

I think I was born an author. Certainly I was interested in stories and language and books from very early on!

Incarceron had many sources, including Piranesi's engravings of Prisons. The Inspiration section of the Incarceron page on this site will answer that more fully.

Thanks for your questions.

Why do people think Jared and claudia should date? He's old enough to be her grandpa?

He's not quite that old, in fact, but he is older than her....

Hello, Catherine Fisher, i was wandering in the book incarceron the guy Blaize who owned the ship was he really the warden?

Thanks for your question. Yes, I'm pretty sure he was....

Which character is your favourite? Or should I say, which character's personality was the most fun to write? I really enjoy the way you wrote the Prison's persona/personality, and how sassy it acts, almost like a real person [in book one].

Thanks Haley. That's a very interesting question, because part of the pleasure of writing is that I can jump around from one personality to another and try to get inside them all.

I enjoy writing most of the characters. But you're right, the Prison was a very interesting one, and so were Jared and Keiro, though they are very different. I also enjoy writing quirky characters like Rix, and enigmatic characters like the Warden, who might be a  villain,or might not..

Thank you, and hope you read Book Two!


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