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Hi, im writing an english paper for my english 3 class! ive chosen to write about you and your Incarceron and Sapphique books. I was wondering if you had anything about the books and your writing experince that you could share with me! I would love to know what it was like for you to write the book and what made you think about such a complex book to write! thank you

 Thanks Zoe, and I'm honoured to be written about.

Both those books were huge fun to write, but also very difficult, as so much is going on and the scenario is big. I wanted the worlds Inside and Outside of the Prison to be very contrasted, for the characters to be varied and intriguing, and above all, I wanted to keep the reader guessing about things and spring a few big surprises.

I was not at all sure I had succeeded when I finished the books, but they have done well across the world so something must have been right!

Good luck with your English paper.

The Conjurors Game was my favorite book as a child. I must have read it a dozen times or more. Whilst clearing out my mothers attic, I came across the copy I got from school more than 2 decades ago and over that last few days sat down to read it once again. It is still an fantastic read even now in my 30s it takes me away to a fantasy land. I still cannot believe that nobody had made a film of it. If a movie of The Conjurors Game was ever made who would you cast as Luke Ferris? And who would you want to direct it?

Wow thanks. The Conjuror's Game was my first novel published and I am very fond of it. It's so interesting to hear you've rediscovered it after all this time. I don't have much idea about actors or directors, but it might make a good film. It was actually read on BBC radio at the time of publication, by no less a voice that Jon Pertwee,the one-time Doctor Who, who made a great job of it.

I fondly think the first edition hardback may be worth something one day...


Hi Catherine! I was wondering when can we expect Sapphique sequel. I have read both books multiple times because they are so amazing and fascinating! I am always on a hunt for good sci-fi books and I always end up picking up your books all over again. I loved both books because they aren't "pure" love stories. Nowadays all books contain romance, love triangles...I love drama but sometimes it's good to take a breath from it. I appreciate when I find books which contains small bits of romance but are focused on characters and their development. Much love from Croatia!

Many thanks! I agree with you that many books that could be interesting get stifled into conventional love stories.. it kills any originality. And I like to leave things to the readers' imaginations a bit..

Characters are the most important things, and people are very complicated things..

I am seriously thinking about a third book, so all I can say is be patient.. it may happen but not for a while.

Thanks for your great question.


Dear Catherine Fisher, I am tickled pink that you answered the question I sent you about Incarceron! I feel I have achieved a new level of fandom because you are the only author I have ever written to. Thank you so much for your reply! Since the Incarceron duology, I have been gobbling up the Obsidian Mirror series and am on the fourth book. I like thinking about the time quandaries and simply adore the Shakespearean references to Hamlet and Midsummer Night's Dream. My question is: Do you ever sketch diagrams or make mental maps of the locations in your books? You see, I'm an American who is quite unfamiliar with abbeys, long galleries, and chateaus, so I often find it difficult to picture the places in the Obsidian Mirror books. If you do make diagrams, such as one of Wintercombe, or if you base it off places you know, would you ever consider adding diagrams or maps to the front matter of your books or to your website? I would find it most helpful! Again, thank you for your time and for inviting your readers into so many exciting, adventurous worlds.

Dear Beth

thanks for your message- I'm glad you like all the stuff 'behind' the books- I find weaving in the Shakespeare and other references really interesting, and I hope it makes the books a richer experience.

I don't often sketch ideas but I do pin up postcards or images and I use real places mixed in with imaginary ones.. Your idea about adding images to the website is a good one. I have been planning to write some longer blog entries on the background to the books- Places they're based on would be a good one to start with.

Meanwhile here's a picture of a room in a place that crops up in many of my books- Tredegar House, a 17th century mansion near where I live. It was actually my school. It's a dark and rambling house and it certainly fired my imagination!

After many, many years, still waiting for the third part of Incarceron series. I know it was meant to be a duology, but what can I do that it is one of the best things I have read in my life? Best regards from Poland! PS That farewell of Jared and Claudia at the end of the series was kind of harsh and was so upsetting for me :(


Well, I'm thinking about it.... So don't give up, and sorry for upsetting you.

Meanwhile, just finishing a new novel..




















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