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What inspired you to write Incarceron? I read it for a school project and thoroughly enjoyed it. As another project, we are gathering information about the author, and i was just wondering.

It started with the Prison, and the idea of a sentient Prison that was so tiny the warden could hang it on his watchchain.. and just grew from there. Pranesi's etchings had a lot to do with the dark metallic feel of the place. The Incarceron pages on this site will give you more info if you need it. Glad you enjoyed the book.

Hey Catherine, How did you decide to become a writer? I want to learn what inspired you do take this road.

I can't remember when I knew that's what I wanted to do, because I always seem to have known. Certainly at about 7 or 8 I was writing poems and bits of story. They were praised by teachers, and probably that's when I got the idea I could do this, and just carried on. I studied English Lit at Uni and was already trying to publish things then.

I was certainly also inspired by writers I admired and wanted to be like. But in a sense it is an obsession rather than a normal career path..

Hi Catherine Fisher, I love your books a lot! I would have always wanted a third party that was just Keiro and Attia, because I think they make a very nice couple. I hope you send me something about whether Keiro finally asks Attia to promise or declare love to him, I would love to have something like that !!

Ah well, I'm not great on happy endings. And from what I know of Keiro, he's not the romantic sort. So, if there are further adventures, there may not be the ending you'd like... but I hope you'll read them anyway.

Hi Ms. Fisher! Ever since I read your "Obsidian Mirror", book a couple of years ago, I've been visiting this page occasionally, and I've seen all the questions regarding a third "Incarceron" book. Can I ask; why are you considering a third book now? Why pick up a concluded series years later, rather than publishing three consecutively? Also, I absolutely love your books. I like how they're different from many of the other books in that genre. (No unnecessary romance, no need to tie every single plot thread into a nice little bow at the end, etc.) The Chronoptika books are my favourite! Thanks! Alina

Good question. I just have started to feel lately that maybe there is more to say about Incarceron. A lot of people keep asking for a third book, and though that's not my main reason for writing one, it is a consideration.

Maybe I also just feel like a dose of Jared and Finn and Claudia and the myriad mysteries of the Prison....

Anyway, it all depends on the publishers and whether they want it..

Watch this space.

The Conjurors Game was my favorite book as a child. I must have read it a dozen times or more. Whilst clearing out my mothers attic, I came across the copy I got from school more than 2 decades ago and over that last few days sat down to read it once again. It is still an fantastic read even now in my 30s it takes me away to a fantasy land. I still cannot believe that nobody had made a film of it. If a movie of The Conjurors Game was ever made who would you cast as Luke Ferris? And who would you want to direct it?

Wow thanks. The Conjuror's Game was my first novel published and I am very fond of it. It's so interesting to hear you've rediscovered it after all this time. I don't have much idea about actors or directors, but it might make a good film. It was actually read on BBC radio at the time of publication, by no less a voice that Jon Pertwee,the one-time Doctor Who, who made a great job of it.

I fondly think the first edition hardback may be worth something one day...


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