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Hello Mrs FISHER, I am a big fan of your Oracle prophecies books, and I've been wondering, what happened to Mirany's mother ? We never hear about her, so could she be dead or could she have left ? Thank you so much for answering our questions. Greetings from France :)

Interesting question... I think Mirany would have been chosen as one of the Nine from a very young age, so would have been taken from her parents very young, if not even at birth.. That was the idea at the back of my mind.

Thanks and glad you like that series.

Dear Catherine Fisher, I was going to write you a letter but i did'nt know where to send it. I have listened to the audiobooks of Incarceron and Sapphique and I absolutely LOVE them. Thank you so much for writing them, they are so brilliant. I don't really know what else to say......just that I love them and thank you. You are such an amazing writer. Is Jered really Sapphique? Also is there really a movie of Incarceron? because when I search Cathrine Fisher it says movie: Incarceron. But that might not be true. Just thank you so much for writing them. Fay xxxxx

Thanks Fay and so glad you love them. There is no movie in the works at present... As for Jared he and Incarceron become a sort of shared personality.. but is that Sapphique?

At the moment I'm considering writing a third book so watch this space.


Hi Catherine! I was wondering when can we expect Sapphique sequel. I have read both books multiple times because they are so amazing and fascinating! I am always on a hunt for good sci-fi books and I always end up picking up your books all over again. I loved both books because they aren't "pure" love stories. Nowadays all books contain romance, love triangles...I love drama but sometimes it's good to take a breath from it. I appreciate when I find books which contains small bits of romance but are focused on characters and their development. Much love from Croatia!

Many thanks! I agree with you that many books that could be interesting get stifled into conventional love stories.. it kills any originality. And I like to leave things to the readers' imaginations a bit..

Characters are the most important things, and people are very complicated things..

I am seriously thinking about a third book, so all I can say is be patient.. it may happen but not for a while.

Thanks for your great question.


Do you have a suggestion for those who want to be a writer I'm making a presentation and I wanted to ask this.


Start the story with something exciting,intriguing or mysterious.

Make each character as individual and real as possible, with strengths and weaknesses.

Enjoy using language creatively.

Read more.

Don't worry about what will happen in the plot, just let it run.

Read even more, because you don't know what's possible unless you see what others have achieved...


Hello, Catherine Fisher. I just want to know how do you write a book, because I would like to write one. I have got an Idea, the idea is a book about Pirates. Could you please tell me what Ideas you have, that I could use in my book. I have already done one page of it, the characters are: Theo Ramsay, Captain Jake Smith Benjamin. Have not thought of any more, so would you please help me. Thank You From Reeve P.S: I am one of the pupils that was in the group you met first on World Book Day 2017. Thank you for that experience.

Hi Reeve and thanks for the message. It was great to meet you all on World Book Day! Congratulations on starting a story- that's the hard part done. Your characters have good names. Now all you have to do is give them something exciting to do and start right in the action straight away. Give each character a problem. Set it in a strange and wonderful landscape- or ocean, with islands,- as it's pirates. Mix in a bit of magic. But above all just write and let the story develop, and don't worry about where it's going or what will happen next. It will all work out in the end.

Good luck!

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