Catherine also has a pamphlet out from Smith/Doorstop Books, called Folklore. This is a fascinating exploration of her long-standing interest in folk tales like the hero and his six magically gifted friends. Below is a poem reproduced from the pamphlet.

Publisher’s details
The Studio, Byram Arcade, Westgate,
Huddersfield HD1 1ND


Late at night,
when even the buses have stopped,
she opens the window of her tower
and in the dark

the bird flies in,
the bird with burning plumes.
There’s a rustle on the floor
as he sheds his wings.

She never sees
how he changes to a man, or knows
why he chose her, no
queen’s daughter.

Far off the last
train shunts and a drunk shouts at the moon
but in this warmth she feels the green world
love her till dawn.

Their son will pay
the price, forget
how to fly, shoot the forbidden arrow.
Die with feathers in his fingers.