In an old bookstore..

Hi, Miss. Fisher. I stumbled upon your novel Snow-walker in an old bookstore while I was in high school and instantly fell in love with everything about it. It has the Snow Queen and Beowulf and Norse Mythology- I couldn't ask for anything more! But, it was really the characters that captivated me. In so many other stories that I had read, the female characters ended up being quiet and polite figures, but Jessa is unapologetically human. She is clever and proud and angry and scared and refuses to be left behind, which really stood out and inspired me. I also really appreciate the bond between Brochael and Kari and how they built their own family together and really care about each other. I remember first reading it and barely being able to put it down or focus on anything else, and then the story just ended. I was just curious if you ever thought about what happened to the characters after this story was finished. Did they get home? What happened to Jessa, Kari, Brochael, Skapti, and the rest of the characters? Did you ever think about adding another installment? 

Thank you for your time and Many Well Wishes

Thanks for your message; I love the story about how you found the book. Sometimes the books we find by accident mean the most. I presume it was the big US edition with all three parts of the trilogy in together?

Thanks also for your comments on Jessa, Kari and Brochael. They certainly got home, but what happens next is another book, and I don’t have any plans to write it at present. I’m so pleased you couldn’t put the book down- that is just what I always hope to achieve.

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