Replicants in Speed of Darkness

Hello Ms. Fisher! My friend and I were wondering, in The Speed of Darkness when Venn goes back in time to save his wife, does it create a Replicant of him? I know Replicants are only created if you meet your past self but didn't Venn see his past self when they went to watch the accident that killed Leah? So is it possible that Venn has a Replicant?

Thanks for your question. Yes, he did briefly see himself in the car. But I don’t think that means he has a Replicant in that time, because he came back in the Mirror… but then you may be right..

Time travel is so complicated! The complexities and the paradoxes were certainly the biggest challenge in writing this series, and I’m sure I’ve cheated more than once!

I’m very glad you read all the way through to the end, and hope you enjoyed the books.