The Crystal Stair published this month

The Crystal Stair published this month

The Crystal Stair, a sequel to At the World’s End is published this month from the wonderful Barrington Stoke.

Caz and Will have reached the mysterious Settlement but it’s not the paradise they hoped and Caz needs to find out if her father is alive out there in the frozen world….But what horrors await at Shadow Valley mine?

It was great fun to have the chance to continue this story, and I hope those of you who enjoyed the first episode will pick this one up.  I’m limited as to length, but there is a fascination in working within such tight parameters; it’s almost like a poem because every word has to count.

Also I’m pleased to say that The Obsidian Mirror paperback has just been reprinted in the UK by Hodder with the amazing new design. This means only Box of Red Brocade is still in the old livery- when that sells out I’m hoping the complete set of new covers will be available.

I’ve done a small Q and A session with This is writing website available to read here