The Door In the Moon

The Door in the Moon 2015

It’s hot, it’s midsummer and the power of the Queen of the Shee is at its height. Everyone at Wintercombe is dreaming strange dreams. And then Jake is kidnapped at dead of night and he and Sarah are snatched back in time to a nightmare world of revolution and murder. Meanwhile Oberon Venn faces a terrible choice between staying mortal or losing his soul in the tangled greenwood of the faerie realm. With a masked ball, a walk on the moon, and a desperate struggle at the very foot of the guillotine, Door in the Moon continues the breathtaking and dangerous search for those who Time has snatched away.

As with all the Chronoptika Quartet this one has Shakespeare hiding deep inside it- in this case of course the crazy world of Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s also the book where I began to really understand the consequences Venn would have to ultimately face because of his obsession with the Mirror. It’s a book full of folklore too, and it contains the return of Moll, one of my favourite characters of the series.