The Speed of Darkness

The Speed of Darkness 2016

In the fourth and final installment of the Chronoptika Quartet we enter the autumn time of Hallowe’en, the night Oberon Venn has chosen for his ultimate experiment with the Mirror- the night he will bring his wife Leah back from the dead.
But Sarah and Jake convince him that before using the vast powers of the Chronoptika he must see the damage it will cause to the future. So while Maskelyne and Rebecca struggle to keep the Zeus coin safe, and Jake is captured by the Shee, Sarah and Venn venture into the future, to the end of days, where the Mirror has become a black hole that is slowly eating the ruins of a world inhabited by replicants, and where Janus rules in his dark distorted Tower.

In this climax to the series I wanted to draw together all the threads of the previous books- Gideon’s plight, Summer’s obsession with Venn, Maskelyne’s strange story, and above all Venn’s terrible dilemma,- should he risk the whole world to bring back a single woman, or renounce his experiments for ever.

Threaded through with the strange magic of the Tempest, the last book in this series was a complex challenge and a wild ride to write.


‘An ambitious, rich, sweeping piece of work’
– Sheenagh Pugh

‘Vivid world-building and poignant prose.Time travel, faeries and executions via guillotine combine seamlessly in Fisher’s genre-bending thriller.’​
– School Library Journal

‘Engrossing and addictive.’
– ​Kirkus