The Speed of Darkness

I just finished The Speed of Darkness and it was AMAZING! Thank you so much for taking me through this unforgettable journey, Venn will always be one of my favorite literary characters. I have two questions after finishing this book. First, is Maskelyne Mortimer Dee? Second, do you think Venn will join the Shee eventually or has he changed enough to be able to move on with his life and let other people in? Thanks again for the incredible story, I loved every second of it!

Many thanks for your great comments. The Speed of Darkness was a fascinating book to write and I’m glad you loved it; it always helps to hear such a positive reaction.

As for your questions, well yes, I think Maskelyne was Dee, just as he was probably several more people during his long lifetime.

As for Venn and the Shee, who knows? He is strong, but the Shee have all of eternity….

And I think he is the sort only to love once in his life.

But it’s up to you now, to decide about that…..