The Weather Dress

The Weather Dress 2006

Pont Books
ISBN 1-84323-593-5


Welsh version: Y WISG ENFYS
ISBN 1-84323-654-0


The dress was old, with a tear in the hem. It seemed to be a mix of colours, like a watery rainbow. ‘That’s a Weather Dress,’ Sol said. “It will last you six days, but you mustn’t wear it for seven. The seventh day is dangerous…Remember,’ he said. ‘Wear it only six times. Not once more! And keep it safe. I have an enemy who would like to steal it…’ When Molly buys a dress for a pound from Sol’s market stall, she cannot begin to imagine the sequence of events which will unfold, from an idyllic fun-filled day on the beach to an encounter with the queen of darkness herself. This sophisticated picture book is the first collaboration between award-winning author Catherine Fisher, and her sister, illustrator Maggie Davies. The beautiful illustrations create an appealing storybook with a sense of intrigue. The story can be appreciated on several levels and hence it can be enjoyed by a wide age group. Here’s an extremely well written story, a treat to read aloud.


This picture book is special because my sister, the artist Maggie Davies, did the artwork and my niece Rachel was the model for the little girl Molly, who buys a dress for a pound. The dress is able to change the weather, but she’s warned to wear it only six times and not a seventh time. Well you can guess what she does. It was a really interesting project, because I’m not used to writing short books and we had to co-ordinate words and pictures. I’d like to do another picture book sometime.