Dear Catherine,
my name is Helga Nyírő.I'm from Hungary.Love all of your books.You are on my list of favorite authors. 
I still remember discovering your books at my local library and reading all the books they had of in yours in a  month... 
Terrible emotions and emotions occur in your books and I suffer together and I'm happy with the characters.
I know this is a books in the category for Young Adults, but i'm 24 and I loved it!:)
I would like to request bookmarks or signed  bookplates?
Thanks for the opportunity!

Many thanks to you and delighted they had my books in your library! Libraries are the most wonderful places.

Yes, the characters have to go through quite a bit, and it’s great that you feel with them. 

People often ask for bookplates etc but I’m sorry I don’t have any to send.

Thanks for your message.