Advice for a writer.

Hello Miss Fisher,

My name is Karina Robinson. I am a huge fan of your novels; I have completed the Chronoptika series, the Incarceron series, and the Relic Master series. I know you are very busy, so I will try not to waste your time. I am 16, and I start college this fall, and I will be an English major. I have written one unpublished novel, I have a couple short stories, and I am currently working on another novel as well. Would you have any advise for me, from a bestselling author to a young writer? Also - I completely understand if you do not wish to answer - is working as an author impossible to do as an only job? How difficult is it, in your opinion, to write a bestseller? I am having some difficulties deciding where I want to go in the future, occupation-wise, and I am trying to get as many various opinions as I can before I make a decision.

Thank you for your time,

Thanks for your question Karina and delighted you’ve read all the books. I can only advise you from my own experience, which is limited, but I would say that studying English is an excellent first step. You will be studying the greats and it can’t get better than that. You are obviously serious about writing to have achieved all you have already, but it is difficult field to break into. I had many jobs before I could afford to work solely as a writer. Writers do not earn a great deal; I don’t have a family to look after, as many people do, and if I did I am not sure I could manage to write full-time.. 

I think you should enjoy your course, learn all you can, keep writing and start submitting work to publishers and editors, maybe also look for creative writing opportunities.Expect no success at first. It all takes time. Above all though, don’t rush into it. Many writers wish they hadn’t published their first books!  

Good luck!