Publication of The Tunnel

Publication of The Tunnel

Three Impostors Press are in the process of publishing a limited edition series of chapbooks called Wentwood Tales.  Each book will contain a short story which pays homage to the great Gwent writer of weird tales, Arthur Machen, both in setting and in the style of the story.

I’m please that my contribution, The Tunnel, which is the second in the series is now published, and is available from Three Impostors. The edition is of only 200 copies, each beautifully printed, and I’m sure they’ll sell out quickly. The booklet will be launched this Saturday at the Literature day at the Caerleon Arts Festival.

Here’s a brief taste of the story…

He had a candle, and he went up. Before he went to his room he walked the corridors, past closed doors and servants bringing coals and water.

He could not find the spiral stairs again.

He couldn’t find the carved door, and the cluttered room with its rocking-horse, and its Pied Piper puppet and the impossible child in her red pinafore.

All night, as he lay in bed, he listened to the creaks and silences of the house, while the round moon stared in at him through the glass.

He thought, if he listened hard enough, he might hear it again.

That slithering, hoarse, broken word.

He wanted to hear it.

He dreaded hearing it.