Clockwork Crow wins the Tir na n’Og Award.

Clockwork Crow wins the Tir na n’Og Award.

A lot of things seem to have been happening lately! Perhaps the most important is that THE CLOCKWORK CROW has won the Welsh Books Council’s Tir na n’Og Prize, awarded from a shortlist of four, for a children’s book with an authentic Welsh background. The prize, an amazing wooden book, was awarded last week in Cardiff in a lovely ceremony.


It was great to win. I have won before, with the Candleman, many years ago, and was shortlisted for Darkhenge a while back too, but the success of the Crow has been extraordinary.

Clockwork Crow has also been shortlisted for the Independent Bookshops Award.

In other news, the sequel to the Crow, called THE VELVET FOX, is completed and will be published in October.  My new poetry book THE BRAMBLE KING, has just been published from Seren.

Forthcoming events.

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Monday 27th May Seren Poetry gala

Sunday 2nd June Clockwork Crow talk.