Working on new book

Working on new book

I haven’t posted any news for a while because I have been working on a few new projects, including a new poetry collection, which is called The Bramble King.

I am also writing a book for younger readers (9-12) called The Clockwork Crow. It’s set in a very bitter winter and I’m having to use all my imagination, as the real weather here in Wales is so warm and sunny. In fact it’s a Christmas book, so that makes it even harder..

I am also thinking seriously about a third Incarceron novel, and have already drafted a synopsis. I once thought I had said all I needed to about this world, but there has been such a  constant demand for more about Finn, Claudia, Keiro, Jared and Attia etc that I have been forced to think again. And yes, now that I’m working on it, it’s a very exciting prospect. But it all depends on the publishers. As soon as I know anything definite, I will post news here.

Meanwhile I am doing my usual things- fencing, watching ballet, reading, drawing, and lying in the shade while the garden grows madly around me.

Happy Summer to all readers!