The Midnight Swan

the midnight swan catherine fisher

Published by Firefly Press. ISBN 9781913102371

The Crow drew himself up. “What is the meaning of this ATROCITY? I DEMAND TO KNOW!.
“You’re under arrest” the white owl said. Its voice was soft and sinister.
“Arrest?” The Crow was astonished. “What for?”

“Illegally impersonating a bird.”
“Save your defence for the court.” The Owl swivelled its head right round. “Take them.”
Four huge eagles swooped down. One took the cage, the others the corners of the net. Seren gave a gasp. Suddenly she was in the air, tumbled together with Tomas, being carried high above the trees.


Can the Crow ever regain his human shape? And how did he really become a Clockwork bird? When Seren buys a locked box at the Midsummer Fair, its cover tells her that her heart’s desire is hidden inside. But all their best efforts can’t even open it. And who is the mysterious Midnight Swan painted on the lid?

With an invisible girl, a parliament of owls and a pen that writes by itself, this is the final adventure of Seren, Tomas and the Crow, to find the garden of the Midnight Swan, and break the dark spell that holds them. But can they do it before the Fair Family takes over the Midsummer Ball? And will Seren be safe with her new family of Plas-y-Fran for ever?
Sequel to the award-winning The Clockwork Crow, and The Velvet Fox, shortlisted for the Blue Peter Prize and winner of the Tir na N-og Welsh Children’s Book Award.

‘WIth a magic Mirror and a thicket of thorns; vanishing places and changing paths; enchanted objects and a secret garden; bargains, promises and curses; courage and gifts, this has everything fans of folklore and fairytale could wish for. And more.’
– Bellis DoesBooks

‘Full of deep fairytale resonance, Fisher’s writing stands out in the mind’s eye like blood drops on snow.’ Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian ‘The Midnight Swan is a fabulously satisfying conclusion to The Clockwork Crow trilogy. Seren is compelled to travel deeper and deeper into the otherworld in order to liberate the tetchy corvid. Magical and intense with more than a hint of danger. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!’
– @bookwormswales

Catherine Fisher writes with a poet’s love and respect for language … Previous installments in this trilogy have already won prizes; this title deserves one too – 5 stars’
Books for Keeps

‘The Midnight Swan transported me into a magical world of enchantment, excitement and danger, and completely enthralled me with its evocative atmosphere, heart-warming relationships and sense of other-worldly mystery.’
– Mary Rees, NetGalley reviewer and educator

‘A beautifully told tale and a trilogy of books that should definitely be on every bookshelf.’
– Rosie Watch, LoveReadingKids

‘Rich in evocative detail and multidimensional characters, this wintry enchantment is suspenseful, resonant of folk tales and perfect to curl up with in the cold.’
– Nicolette Jones, Children’s Books of the Year, The Sunday Times

‘Magical, atmospheric – funny, this is a slice of Victorian creepiness and a seasonal treat’
– Sally Morris, Daily Mail

‘Children of ten and older will find themselves pleasurably lost in this enchanting, candlelit delight.’
– Philip Womack, Literary Review

‘Gripping and magical, a perfect snowy holiday read for children (and me).’
– Daniel Hahn, Spectator