Will the Relic Master be a movie?

Hi,  Will the Relic Master series be a movie?  I have a love for writing and your Relic master series has inspired my writing a lot. I love the series so far, I recently started it, I have read two books so far and they are amazing! In my previous question I asked if u have any thoughts on it becoming a movie because it is great in books but I would love to see how great it can be in a movie, because I can imagine what the place looks like but that's in my thoughts. I would love to see how it really looks to u because I imagine lots and lots of land, beautiful flowers but that just me or sometimes since they are at war technically because of the Watch the land might look not as beautiful.

Thanks and I’m so delighted you’re enjoying the series so far and that’s it’s sparking your imagination so much. It would make a good movie, possibly, but there are no plans at present, though film producers are interested in the books. Anara would be a fascinating place to see on the screen- the seven moons, the sekoi, the pits of Maar- sorry, you might not have got to those yet! Keep reading and watch this site for any news, or sign up to the newsletter. Thanks again.