The Relic Master – different names.

The Relic Master – different names.

Hello, I was going through my bookcase and found your book Relic Master : The Dark City and reread it. There was a website on the back and the cover arts for the sequels, but when I went to the website, it directed me to something that was not correct. I checked your book list on this site and it appears the American publications had their name's changed. The book I have is a 2011 publication from Dial Books, an Imprint of Penguin Group. Is there a difference between the two versions? Thank you for the enjoyable read.

Hi. Glad you have re-read The Dark City! There is a little difference between the Us and UK editions of this set. In the US the first book is called  The Dark City, followed by The Lost Heiress, then The Hidden Coronet and finally The Margrave.

The set as a whole is called Relic Master.

In the UK the set was called The Book of the Crow, and the first book was The Relic Master, followed by The Interrex, Flain’s Coronet, and the Margrave.

However the four books are completely the same under either set of  names!

I hope this makes things clear and that you get to read them all.